April 2012

Clarissa: Falls Church Portrait Session

I recently watched an online workshop of one of the top photographers of the wedding industry.  There she asked what are the three words that best describe your photography. Hmm.. That made me pause the video for a few minutes. Actually, I completely stopped the video and mulled over this question. To tell you honestly, at that time, I had no idea. For days, this kept my mind occupied. I looked at the photos I took of the lovely people who trusted me that I will capture something that will completely resonate their character. I fell in love with photography all over again after doing so.

Last weekend, I completed a portrait session with my friend Clarissa. I have known Clarissa as a fun and outgoing person. Always has a smile on her face. In spite of a few worries in life (who doesn’t have one?), she has chosen to live life to the fullest and be thankful for each and everyday.

It was a perfect day for a photo session with comfortable summer-like temperature and a gorgeous afternoon light. Here are a few pictures from the shoot.

Love, love, love this girl! Flipping hair as if in a shampoo commercial? Awesome!

Fun and fresh.

And that’s a wraaap! Time to celebrate!

After this photo session, I finally found the three words that best describe my photography: natural, emotional and fun.

marelmallari.com 2.0

After months of off and on work on this project, I am thrilled to announce that my website’s finally got a new look! Check it out!

Gone are the black background and white text. I replaced it with subtle colors that are neutral and easy on the eyes. Oh and by the way, the new website is now mobile-friendly. So you, the person reading this post on an iPhone right now, do not even have to go to a computer to check my website out. Please feel free to browse and share it to your friends.

P.S., many thanks to the people who did not hesitate to agree when I asked them if I can put their photos on my website. No need for arm-twisting there. You guys rock!